How to Choose Durable Couch covers?

As necessary furniture in the living room, the sofa is beautiful, comfortable, and durable. It will produce an excellent decorative effect in the living room. But the sofa will be worn and torn during the use. Most families will buy a sofa cover to cover the surface of the sofa after buying a sofa. There are two main functions of the sofa cover. First, make the sofa look more beautiful. Second, reduce the dust on the sofa, which can keep the sofa clean and tidy. Some families will purchase two sets of sofa cover. One set is used, and the other is for spare, and make sure that you can change it regularly. Sofa cover plays a significant role in protecting cover from abrasion. Thus, how to choose the sofa cover?

Changing out stylistic layout occasionally seems like an overwhelming (and expensive) task. Yet, there is one basic switch that is simple, reasonable, and has a significant effect - covering your couch with another slipcover. This can, in a split second, change a space, update tired seating, or protect furniture from pets, children, and stains. If you happen to be convenient with a sewing machine, you may consider making your own, but that not, don't stress. There are numerous alternatives available in a scope of shapes, colors, and value focus that will suit any planning style. Peruse our purchasing adviser and tips from designers to assist you with picking the best slipcover for your furnishings.

1. Research store-bought slipcover options

Most furniture pieces are made to fit a typical standard size, so all things considered, you will have the option to discover a slipcover that will accommodate your furniture by shopping in a store or online. If you can't discover a slipcover in the specific size you need, look a stretch slipcover. Stretch slipcovers are made with stretchy materials that can fit a range of various furniture sizes.

  • You might need to look at the store that delivered your furniture items. Numerous companies that make and sell furniture also sell slipcovers that are made precisely to the particulars of their furnishings, making the way to choose a slipcover very straightforward.
  • Before picking a slipcover, it is useful for you to know about the awareness of your choices with the goal that you can decide your spending limit and choose which store you need to order from.

2. Measure the size of the sofa

Since couch covers have so many sizes, it's necessary to measure your couch before purchasing.

First of all, measure your sofa from the outside of one arm to the outside of the other arm, which is the longest length of the sofa cover. Make sure that your measurements are accurate. Additionally, measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of your couch because some sofa covers have a ruffled or pleated skirt at the bottom. If you hope to get more accurate data, you can measure twice. If you'd like a more laid-back feel, perhaps you can consider a loose-fit slipcover, and an approximate measurement is great for you.

What's more, determine whether the furniture has a tight back, attached pillow back, or a loose pillow back, and don't forget to count the number of seat cushions. Many slipcover stores will offer measurement guides for the customers, making it easy for them to select the right size sofa covers. Try to avoid purchasing a sofa cover you have to struggle with each time you take it off to clean it. Instead, choose a one-piece design that slips on and off with ease. 

3. Check the material of sofa cover

The material of sofa cover is also an important factor needed to consider carefully. The greater the material is the more practical and durable the cover is. Besides, people will feel more comfortable when lying on the couch.

All-cotton fabrics of sofa cover have a lower price and cost-effective pro. Natural, comfortable material and affordable prices make it become the most popular and most common-used fabric among the many sofa cover fabrics.

The leather fabric is a great choice, but not for everyone. People who need some eco-friendly material should consider the leather fabric. But they are a bit hard in texture and feel. You should use it for the occasion rather than regular use.


The linen sofa cover is a relatively high-grade fabric. Its advantages lie in that it makes you feel warm in winter and cool in summer, has strong three-dimensional sense, and not easy to wrinkle. However, it should be noted that such fabric will shrink in the wash, so you need to buy more if you choose this fabric. You'd better soak it in the water for some time before making sofa covers.

With modern people pay more and more attention to health, their environmental protection awareness is gradually increasing. For the material of the sofa cover, people are also more concerned about those environmentally-friendly sofa cover. There is a kind of sofa cover made by plant fiber that has satisfied mainly people's needs for environmental protection fabrics. Besides, such sofa cover is affordable, sweat absorption, breathability, and toughness. But it is more suitable for summer use.

4. Determine the fit and shape you will need

Examine the shape of the seat, arms, legs, cushions, and back of your furniture to determine the type of slipcover you will need. Most slipcovers are made to fit rounded arm and back furniture, but there are many available that will provide other shapes as well. Determine whether you want or need a slipcover that is one continuous piece of fabric, or if you will need or want separate sets to cover individual pieces or cushions.

Separate sets can emulate the appearance of an upholstered or non-slipcovered piece of furniture, giving a cleaner and higher quality look.


5. Choose a Resilient Slipcover Fabric That's Made to Last

Picking a type of texture has a significant impact on the durability of your slipcover. The most durable sofa cover fabrics incorporate twill mixes, canvas, cotton, and denim. It's likewise a smart thought to think about the material of the sofa underneath the cover. A leather sofa slipcover should be produced using characteristic strands that ingest moisture so the leather won't be hurt.

While substantial and thick textures make the sturdiest sofa covers, fabrics like chenille and velvet won't adjust well to the shape of your furnishings, so it's ideal to stay away from these kinds of heavyweight slipcovers. Outside furniture slipcovers normally have a water-safe covering — one of these is an unquestionable requirement have in case you're attempting to secure a sofa on a yard or screened-in patio.

Polyester and microfiber textures give a progressively fitted appearance yet will, in general, be increasingly lightweight. This incorporates stretch-softened cowhide slipcovers and smaller-scale leather sofa slipcovers. Silk and fleece provide a modern touch, however, the filaments won't keep going long, and the cover will, in general, be "dry clean only.


6. Select the color of the sofa cover

The sofa cover color is the most important consideration while purchasing. The color of the sofa cover should be consistent with the overall interior decoration style. If the whole interior is classical and steady, then you should avoid selecting an over-bright colored sofa cover. Try to use some fresh colors that appeal to the visitors. It will also improve your mood and the environment of your home. In the children room, you should use some exciting prints and colors on sofa slipcovers. Because kids like character theme, you can use a sofa and chair cover with their favorite pattern and color. Definitely, it will be liked by everyone.

7. Select the look of sofa cover

Sofa covers come in many looks, ranging from loose to customized ones. You'd better decide on its look that fits the decoration of your room. You can choose a loose or relaxed look for a causal effect, or select a customized look that fits the lines of your sofa or chair. You can change your sofa cover look whenever needed. Consider a casual look for regular use. You can make your furniture cover fancy for an event by selecting some custom fabric and exciting design. Through these, you can have a décor look for an event. And it will look appealing to your guest too.


8. Take its slip resistance into consideration

When you buy sofa covers, you also require considering whether it is non-slip. These covers are sometimes annoying because you always have to pay attention to their tidiness. Select the fabric of color that has resistance to slip and. Some sofa covers have been designed anti-slip elements on the bottom, which ensure it not easy to fall off and give you less trouble. If you have slippery covers, then you can't let your furniture for a while.

9. See whether it is easy to clean

Big-sized sofa covers are very heavy when in the wash. This is difficult work. Many people are worried about cleaning the sofa cover when it becomes dirty. Some are probably not entirely put in the washing machine. Besides, it can take lots of money and effort to get it washed by the dry cleaner. Thus, if you need to replace them frequently to wash, you should choose the fabrics that are easy to clean.

Also, note the fabric of cover if it is easily washable or not. Either the cover has long-lasting colors or roughly. You should also avoid letting covers in a washing machine with other clothes it may harm the covers or other garments. Use hot water for washing and avoid too dry in the sunlight.


10. Sofa Covers That Fit Your Budget and Lifestyle

The kind of couch cover you'll need will rely upon how your household item is used. If you have organization over often, you'll need a colorfast slipcover that won't wear with regular use. Do house visitors every so often go through the night on your sofa? They'll welcome the antimicrobial characteristics many slipcovers offer. If a slipcover is reversible, that would be preferable. For daily life, stain-safe and waterproof couch covers are absolute necessities, particularly if you have children or pets. A non-slide slipcover will remain set up much better to different choices.

Instant and semi-custom slipcovers are machine-launderable and the most affordable, settling on them commonsense decisions. Produced in standard couch sizes, instant slipcovers require tucking and sticking to deal with the additional fabric. Semi-custom slipcovers are customized to fit specific brands and models of couches.

Custom slipcovers are intended to fit your sofa explicitly, and you can pick the type of texture, style, and shade of the cover before it's made. These spreads are generally "dry clean just," so they require more consideration than their mass-delivered fabric. But since they're progressively stylish, you can rest easy thinking about leaving one on your sofa constantly.


11. Order your custom-made slipcover

Place your order with your payment information online, over the phone, or in-person if you have chosen a local company. To arrange your custom slipcover, you may need to ship or drop off your fabric and indicate the specific estimations. 

While ordering, makes sure to give all important information like size, color, budget to receive a great slipcover. Custom-made slipcovers set aside some effort to make, so you should ask while putting in your request about to what extent you can hope to hold up before your slipcover will be prepared.


Slipcovers offer an alluring and utilitarian approach to refresh your furnishings. If your furniture is in good auxiliary condition, however, the fabric is recolored, exhausted, or obsolete. Getting a slipcover is an extraordinary method to give your furniture a new existence without the significant expense of reupholstering or jumping on something new. To pick a slipcover, you first need to choose a store acquired choice or a uniquely crafted slipcover of your own structure. When you recognize what sort of slipcover you need to get, you can choose the fabric, style, and shape that will accommodate your furnishings and give it new life.

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